Author: Claire Anna Garand

Claire Garand is a #1 College Grad who likes playing guitar and petting cats. Her dream is to move to Montreal and be as Canadian as is possible for an American to be. If she lost her right hand in a tragic accident and could replace it with anything (other than a new hand), she would choose a combo light meter/clock, for obvious reasons. Makes movies and even has an IMDB page.

Say Something, Anything . . .

Anything but that.

We are not really sure how a blog works, but we know we need a friend city where we can collect all of our thoughts and feels that would normally be shared in real life. So here it is, friend city of the internet variety. Because when you can’t share your hopes and dreams with your closest friends because they are far away, what better way than to share them publicly and over the internet?

I realized only as I started blogging that I have no idea how blogs really begin. Before you have content, pictures, videos, general media for people to sift through, to be sorted and organized, how do you build it? How do you know what it should look like? I don’t know, thus this post, mostly completely useless except to me. Sorry.