Poetry Postcards #6

This past August I participated in the August Poetry Postcard Fest, where I wrote 30 poems on postcards to strangers. All the poems were written “on the spot” with no prior planning and shipped off. In return, I received 30 postcards from strangers. So in this 6 piece installment, I will share those poems that I wrote and sent off into the world. I decided they would all be sonnets, of some sort. All presented to you without edits (aka first drafts).

#26 “The Things We Do”


The things we do like run to catch each other,
like spreading glitter on your eyes at night,
like mounting pens when there’s nothing to write
except our fears. Accepting that a love,
who stands cornered, waiting for a breath —
from you or from the universe — could wait
forever. And your tongues discuss the fae
of us, and lips to lips and beds to beds
we make it as we like. There are no rules
except the fumbling hands of sometimes friends.
the things we do like jump into a pool
of stars, electric, generate a spark
of something. all to love and love again

#27 “Always on the Top”


Always on the top,
not good, just —
out of the way
we’ll hide you somewhere secret
so you still feel decent
a pawn —

like watching the stingrays
at the aquarium
did you know they are slippery
if you touch them?
You put me here to watch them swim
just watch.

But I’ve put my hands in the water
I know what a stingray feels

“#28 “I didn’t Leave the House”


I didn’t leave the house today,
I can’t play sports, or friendly say
exactly what I need to say
I didn’t leave the house today
and I sat quiet, companionless
I call it torture, you say rest
I don’t deserve complacency
I sat quiet, companionless.
I watched the sun fade after rising
I used to be able to tell the timing
simply by the shadows in the dans
watching the sun fade after rising
I didn’t leave the house today
watching the sun fade after rising.

#29 “The Building”


Have you ever seen a building surprised?
It has lived a long time,
seen so much
how could these stones not predict the future,
haven’t they seen every human face?
We are just repetitions after all
whereas stones are unique

to a point.
Can bridges be afraid?
I would be terrified,
straddling the sea with the lives of others on me
I’d want to let go for the hell of it
but bridges aren’t spontaneous
and buildings rarely fall.

#30 “████████ Redacted”


When last ██████████ I fell in love again
with your ████ intentions, never ████
and ████████████. Never to intend
██████████ feeling, never ██████████ my rules,
at least. You’ll never know ██████████████
that night, ████ you were drowning, █████████,
could not save you, though you didn’t die.
I could never ████████ even before
you called that night. I ██████ let you go
even if ████████ across the world
I’d banish you ███████ it would slow
my feelings ███████████. My feet grow cold.

Louis████ Atachafalaya Swamp, home to █████ two
█████ tree frogs, ████████ and feeding habitat ███.


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