Poetry Postcards #5

This past August I participated in the August Poetry Postcard Fest, where I wrote 30 poems on postcards to strangers. All the poems were written “on the spot” with no prior planning and shipped off. In return, I received 30 postcards from strangers. So in this 6 piece installment, I will share those poems that I wrote and sent off into the world. I decided they would all be sonnets, of some sort. All presented to you without edits (aka first drafts).

#21 “Quarter’s House”


This is Quarter’s house, you’ll know it well
before you enter you will see a string
in the hallway. Once inside the sting
of that mysterious, not so pleasant smell.
You see the marks of Quarter, where she clawed
dominion. If you think we try and scold
her precious quarter, no we’re not that bold,
too nervous to offend one. Say we’re tamed
by our princess, dark mistress indeed,
her eyes like harvest moons, and christened Quarter
she rides this land that yet no one has given,
her fur as soft as velvet. Like a steed
she bounds around her plain. Our lovely daughter,
Quarter’s Quarters, her queendom which we live in.

#22 “This is Not a Drill”


“This is not a drill” the headline screamed,
a bold beginning for some bolder news
that we are not alone, as it had seemed
before the sirens pierced the blushing blue
and navy that defines our sky. We say
“extra” to signify this is important.
Read all about our new friends far away
and suddenly the universe is shortened.
Sudden. Suddenly but also slowly,
for this has been a dream of many years
and will continue even through unholy
scientific thoughts and holy fears.
So scream the skies! And know when day turns black,
you’re not alone, there’s someone pinging back.

#23 “Falling Clock”


A bang! in the night
light out right
who shook this house so hard
walls rattle
are you a storm or a soldier
the clock fell off the wall
we were losing time

The clock fell off the wall
light out right
walls rattle
are you a storm or a soldier?
a bang! in the night,
who are you who shook the house so hard

#24 “The Trap”


Can you be talked into a golden ticket
promising to sail you far and soon
or are you jaded so you would not take it
seize the day or let the day seize you?
tricked by verse, structure
is always a trap, mumbling
what did you say?
Still mumbling, listening
to the man trying to sell it to you
sell what?
more mumbling
For once the salesman’s lies you quite unwrap,
you find the lie’s the truth of truthful trap.

#25 “The One with the Hat”


I recognize you, you’re the one
with the hat.
I saw you in France, maybe
on the boat with the windows,
watching the monuments float by
like a puppet show

and you sat down next to me,
unnoticed, asked for a pen
(I didn’t have it)
you smiled and we watched
as the Eiffel Tower passed
for a third time.

I recognize you, the one with hat
I recognize you


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