Feminist and Queer Monologues for the Actors Among Us


Audition monologues are a pain to pick because it feels like your whole life is relying on them. Whether you are looking for something casual for a class or something  to use to land your first big role, finding the right monologue is like finding the right pair of jeans; after multiple hours of trying them out you are pretty sure the perfect ones do not exist.

Look, butch representation in a musical! 

That can be even more difficult if you are a queer kid and want to do something that really taps into that part of your identity. It’s even difficult to find great female monologues that don’t center around some guy. Yeah, you can play straight (especially if that is the role you are going for) or you can read a straight piece as if it were gay, but sometimes you just have to be really gay, or feminist, to truly feel that monologue and character. So here are some free, on the internet monologues that you can put in your acting toolbox. All the ones on the list should be at least a minute.

I intend to update this as I find more cool things, so keep checking back! Also please add your own favorite queer and feminist monologues in the comments section.

Make Everyone Sad

“If I look you in the eyes, I just know you’ll turn me gay!”

Roles that feature queerness tend to also feature a lot of feelings, death, torment, and dangerous situations. This may be terrible for media as a whole, but it’s great to show your dynamic as an actor!

The Children’s Hour (1961) Karen confesses her love for her best friend before killing herself.

Orange is the New Black Poussey lays out what prison is really like and how she got screwed by the system.

Make ‘Em Laugh

A metaphor, probably

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Kimmy tells Jacqueline who she really is – a Mole Woman from Indiana trying to make her way in New York City.

D.E.B.S. (2004) Amy tells everyone that Lucy Diamond may be a villain, but goddamn it she’s her villain.

Stick it To The Man

She has no fucks to give

All About Eve (1950) Margo tells it like it is when it comes to being a woman in this world.

Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) Judy delivers this speech while performing in a classier version of a gentlemen’s club in what is maybe the most BAD ASS moment of 40s cinema. Extra points because this is directed by Dorothy Arzner, my lesbian director hero of the past.

Nevada (Imogen Binnie) There are at least three excellent excerpts here from this great book about being a trans girl in New York, and also about maybe being trans somewhere in Nevada. These pieces deal with relationships, being punk, and general rejection of cis-normativity.

Love, Love, Love



Carol (2015) You know which one this is.

Glee (2015) In which Santana proposes. Bonus, this one is hilarious and from the same episode.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The infamous corset look

These are not all queer, but damn are the fantastic. Pulling monologues from a favorite TV show is an excellent idea and it will be a refreshing blast from the past from the casting director.

This link has 10 wonderful, emotional moments from our favorite characters, including one of my favorite Willow and Tara moments.

This link has probably every other speech you would ever want to do from Buffy.

Unrelated Bonus!


Stupid Troy, he needs to get his priorities in line.

Note: I chose pieces from movies and television, not plays, and also only pieces where the full text was available online for free.


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