Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire Me



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1. I’m Gay As Christmas


Look, I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve pretty much mastered “gay apparel”, don’t you think?


2. I’m in Touch with the Community


Since coming out at the age of 19, I’ve been a member of the GSA in both the colleges I attended, worked with feminist organizations on campus, and served as a LGBT Student leader.

3. I’m in Touch with the World


Me and Bernie Sanders because I care about the issues

I pay attention to the news both inside and outside of the queer bubble and know that different things impact the community in different ways. After living in New Hampshire, Illinois, Colorado, and now New York, I have a new perspective on what it means to be queer in different places.


4. Making Videos is kind of My Thing


I low-key went to a four-year school for this and a little bit have a bachelor’s of Fine Arts on this very topic, but I don’t mean to brag.

5. I’m Internet Savvy

I’m really into Virtual Reality

Believe it or not, you are on the internet right now. Incredible, right? I’ve been running my own blog for a year, maintaining a personal website for about eight, and understand video formats of different platforms inside and out.

6. I’m Hilarious


It’s a sarcastic, snarky kind of humor, but if you ask any of my friends you’ll find it’s highly appreciated. Or just listen to my one hit wonder, Give Up On Love and Get a Cat

7. I’m Educated


While going to school for filmmaking, I made sure to take other classes, too. I once gave a 40 minute lecture on Blue is the Warmest Color and wrote a term paper on lesbian cinema, so I know how to conduct research and present topics in interesting ways.

8. Lightning Fast Editing


I know how to conceptualize a video and also how to edit it efficiently and interestingly. Post production will forever be my first love.

9. I Love to Collaborate

Clip from my short “Claquettes!”

Get me in a room full of creative people and I’ll be damned if we don’t have ten more projects to get excited about by lunchtime. I love feeding off other’s minds and letting them feed off of me. It’s creative symbiosis.


10. Look at this Kitten



If nothing else has impressed you, just look at this kitten. Isn’t she precious? She probably would like it if I got the job, just saying, how could you disappoint that face?

All images property of yours truly. 

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