Cake Slice Tuesday! No-Bake Baking for When It’s So Bloody Hot

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Hey y’all and welcome to the summer edition of Cake Slice Tuesday! where I take a tuesday and talk about baking!

This Tuesday, the topic is that it’s so bloody hot. I just moved to New York City and let me tell you this city has it’s own special brand of heat imported directly from hell. I love baking and when I meet new people my favorite thing to do is share a nice batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. However, turning the oven on seems like the worst idea currently and my new roommates would probably resent the cookies that made their 100 degree living room 110 degrees. So! I bring you four great no-bake desserts for the summer months.

If You Want Cookies – Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

I stumbled upon this recipe one sunny summer day and basically rushed home to give it a try. The results did not disappoint and now my roommates love me! It’s super easy and can probably be made with ingredients you already have, if you are like me and always have some chocolate chips handy.

Bonus points if you mix it up with some cool ice cream flavors. I make mine with black raspberry swirl.

I also made mine with a much higher cookie dough to ice cream ratio

If You Want Pie – Make Pie!

Some pies are already “no-bake” which makes this dessert a no brainer! An easy, fun thing to start with is to get those tiny tins with pre-made graham cracker crust, make some pudding (lemon, chocolate, vanilla, key lime, ANYTHING), put the pudding in the pie tins, top with fruit and whipped cream, and you’ve got yourself a dessert!

It’s ready! Give it purpose

If you are feeling adventurous, here is a recipe from King Arthur Flour for a no-bake pumpkin pie. Now you can think wistfully about fall while you slowly melt away. The recipe actually calls for you bake the crust (lame) but remedy that by purchasing a pre-made cookie or graham cracker crust! You can always beat the system just like a bowl full of egg whites.

Pumpkin season is every season

If You Want Cake – Make Ice Box Cake

I will go no further than to refer you to this article that I did around Christmas Time. Of course there are many other recipes for ice box cake that you can explore. If you try an amazing one, comment below and tell us all about it!

I could probably eat this cake every day of the year, if we’re being real

If You Want Brownies – Make Iced Hot Chocolate

This WILL involve heating water, so be warned if that is too hot, hot damn. Warming it in the microwave tends to be less of a problem when it comes to adding to the ambient temperature, so maybe for this it is the way to go.

Simply make your favorite hot chocolate and pour it into a cup. Fill another, larger cup with ice. I mean fill it. I don’t want to see three measly ice cubes in the bottom of a glass, this thing has got to be full to the brim with ice.

After about five minutes for the chocolate to cool, simply pour over ice and enjoy! If you’re more patient than me you can actually make a large batch and put it in the fridge to cool down.

I feel cooler just looking at it


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