How to Work VR into Everyday Conversations

I have a slight Virtual Reality obsession. (I’m capitalizing it like we capitalized The Internet when it was New and Cool). Every since I tried the HTC Vive at my friend’s house, I have non-stop talked about VR. It is an experience like nothing you have ever experienced before, I kid you not. If you have the opportunity to try even some small sort of VR, take it and watch your life change before your eyes.

Here’s the catch, Virtual Reality is very new tech, and not very many people outside of tech are talking about it. You may have heard some snippets here and there, but really this stuff is not on the layperson’s mind. People are selling their Gear VRs on ebay because even though they got them for free they don’t know what to do with them. So how do you talk about something you’re excited about when no one else seems into it? I’m here to help!

1. Any kind of physical activity

Me, burning calories and fighting Robots

People these days just want to burn those calories with any means necessary, so the topic arises in natural conversation often. How, when, and if you even should exercise is a prime opportunity to talk about your new love of VR.

Example Conversation: Man, I really need to work out.

VR Response: You know how to get a great workout! Virtual Reality. And you don’t even notice that you are burning calories. Have I told you about Virtual Reality?

Example Conversation: I ran 4 miles today!

VR Response: That’s cool. I fought robots with a sword. The internet says I burned the same amount of calories as running. Have you heard of Virtual Reality?

2. Watching or talking about a movie or TV show

*sitting in a virtual living room while sitting in a living room*

Watching media is something we do all the time with friends. What a great opportunity to turn to your friend and bring the focus to yourself and your newfound love of Virtual Reality.

Example Conversation: This movie has great special effects.

VR Response: Definitely! You know how it could be cooler? If you could enter the world of the movie through Virtual Reality. Let me tell you more.

Example Conversation: *Complete silence*

VR Response: Wow this is so fun, but I can’t help imagine how much more fun it would be if I were in Virtual Reality. Have I told you about Virtual Reality?

3. Using a Computer

Why look at your phone in your hand when you can look at your hands with your phone in your face?

We have computers in our pockets, what a time to be alive! This means that we are constantly surfing the web and using programs and manipulating the things around us in other, less cool ways than Virtual Reality.

Example Conversation: Are you ready to edit that movie?

VR Response: Yes but imagine how much cooler it would be to edit it in VR.

Example Conversation: Let me look that up on my phone.

VR Response: You can use your smartphone to experience Virtual Reality! Maybe not as cool as the Vive or Oculus but you can definitely get a cool effect and see what it’s really about. I’ll help you set it up.

4. Apartment/House Hunting

This is actually apartment-hunting VR, so you can literally pretend you live in luxury apartments! (I’m sure that’s the intended use)

House Hunters makes it look fun, but we all know that finding a place to live is a pain. Maybe Virtual Reality can help?

Example Conversation: This place looks disgusting.

VR Response: If you get Virtual Reality you won’t even feel like you are in this disgusting apartment. You should use the money you save on rent to buy one and invite me over.

Example Conversation: This is so big, I don’t have the furniture to fill it, or can’t afford it.

VR Response: The larger the space, the better your VR experience! You won’t need furniture if you have Virtual Reality because you can have virtual furniture that will be basically the same thing. Think of all the Robots you can kill in this giant room, when you invite me over.

5. Politics

My future dinner parties for sure

Politics are on everyone’s mind with the upcoming elections and it’s sure to come up at the dinner table or water cooler. It can be tense for all involved as different ideas collide and people try and decide how to best work within an extremely flawed system. This is your biggest opportunity to shine.

Example Conversation: Did you hear Trump’s spe-



Now I know you are all convinced to try this VR thing, but where to begin?  here is a great breakdown of VR headsets for all kinds of platforms including smartphones. Yes, you can have VR with the tech you already own and look at all the time!

I was playing on SteamVR and my favorite game by far was Audioshield so if you can probably try and play that.


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