18 Lessons I Learned on Maui

My beach aesthetic is Tim Gunn
My beach aesthetic is Tim Gunn

I actually went to Maui for two weeks. It was something I never imagined myself doing and it was absolutely amazing and worth it. I had a lot of time to think while on the island, so on the plane ride home I jotted down some thoughts and put them in this adorable journal.

aforementioned adorable journal
aforementioned adorable journal

Here is the list I made summarizing only a few of the things that I will take back with me to the mainland.

1. Trust Your Instincts


I trust my instincts a lot but I have never been very confident that doing so brings about a good outcome. In going to Maui I was trusting myself to begin with, and I started to learn that I can have faith in the decisions that I make. If you don’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

2. Don’t Stand on the Reef

adorable bandaged foot
adorable bandaged foot

This is something that surfers and people who grow up on beaches with reefs learn very early in life. I grew up on the east coast where we barely have rocks in shallow water, never mind razor sharp coral. I learned this lesson when I stood on the reef that I didn’t know was there and it sliced the bottom of my foot. So when swimming in unknown waters, just don’t stand up unless it’s reef-free.

3. “You Don’t Have to Jump Off Anything You Don’t Want To”

this a rock that I did not jump off of
this a rock that I did not jump off of
here's a cave that I did jump into
here’s a cave that I did jump into

Like #1, this goes with knowing your limits. Have the fun you want to have, don’t let others push you to do something you don’t want to.

4. No One Knows Why Male Whales Sing to Each Other

via https://brendacibrian.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/whale-card-2.jpg

Whale scientists first thought that humpback whales sing to mate, but then realized that only the male whales sing. What a mystery, I am right?

5. You Can Get Away With Anything if you Have the Right Attitude 


I.E. valet parking an ’89 Camry that barely starts and doesn’t lock. And stealing multiple hotel towels.

6. Rainbows are the Best


This one is kind of self explanatory. I had no idea that there would be daily rainbows in Hawaii and I loved every one I saw.

8. If You Blow a Head Gasket You are Screwed

This was not the car that broke down, but it's on its way, and also needs a new head gasket!
This was not the car that broke down, but it’s on its way, and also needs a new head gasket!

You may even break down in the middle of a highway and think that the car you are in is going to explode. Definitely don’t drive a car when the heat meter is all the way in the red, it’s going to let you down.

8. Nice Sunglasses are Worth It

File under: treat yourself. I didn’t buy nice sunglasses while out there, but definitely realized why people pass on the classy $5 grocery store shades. My poor eyes, I have been mistreating you this whole time!

9. Wish on Planes Flying Overhead

A whole city wishing on me
A whole city wishing on me

I hadn’t ever heard of this superstition before, but I love wishing superstitions so I thoroughly plan to adopt it. It was really cute how everyone would wish on planes, we even stopped in the road so that a plane would fly over us (it was very safe I promise).

10. Take Off Your Shoes, Unlock the Door

View from the bedroom window
View from the bedroom window

In Maui it is tradition to not wear your shoes in the house for most households, and even some businesses. I got used to walking around barefoot and even ventured out into the world without sandals for a day of swimming/walking. They also don’t really lock front doors, something that I am totally into. It’s about respect, trust, and community.

11. Always Have a Musical Instrument


I went to Maui without my guitar because I thought that it would be too annoying to take on the plane, which is probably true, but I missed it a lot, especially when I had an injured foot and not much to do. So I went to the magical land of craigslist and bought a ukulele and learned to play it. One of my favorite nights in Hawaii was a drunken sing-along we had a few days before I left.

via http://45.media.tumblr.com/66778a7d8e4234dc3f23839e8959aa67/tumblr_nb3i1dFdk01qcjzvuo2_r1_500.gif

I still didn’t really want to take an instrument on the plane, so I sold it to one of the people I was staying with, which makes me happy because she kind of fell in love with it and I taught her four chords so she can play almost any song now.

12. The Weather is Never Bad, You are Just Unprepared 

Mimosas are also a sign of being prepared
Mimosas are a sure sign of being prepared

Don’t wear shorts on the top of a mountain at 6am. Weather preparedness is common sense, but if you do it well you will always be comfortable.

13. Friday the 13th is Not Bad Luck

I believe in a lot of superstitions, but this is definitely not one of them.

14. Know Your Roses

via http://blog.justfab.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/MeaningOfRoseColors.jpg

It’s helpful to know what flowers signify in case you are around someone who knows this and may get offended by the fact that you bought your grandmother sexy roses when she was in the hospital (not my grandmother, but still). Just neat facts to keep in the back of your head.

15. Have a Mantra


Mantras might seem silly on the outside, but telling yourself a truth over and over again can actually change your outlook. So if you are feeling down or having a hard time coping, find those three things that make you feel wanted and say them every day.

16. Liliko’i are Amazing

yum, the jelly
yum, the jelly

I ate these passion fruits called Liliko’i and they are the best and I had lavender liliko’i jam and liliko’i jelly and liliko’i martinis and liliko’i truffles and liliko’i soda I love that stuff.

17. The Hood of a Car is the Best Seat in the House

sunset as viewed (partially) from the hood of a car
sunset as viewed (partially) from the hood of a car

Get on the hood of your crappy car and watch the stars goddamn it. Then watch the Lion King. (Just a suggestion).

18. Go to Maui


Whatever your Maui is, make sure you go. Don’t put it off and don’t worry.


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