We Want to Help You!

Hello, broadcasting from the Ditch here, trying to reach those in need of some advice! We know you are out there.

We really want to answer your questions about relationships, jobs, college, art, almost anything you can think of. Whether funny or extremely serious, we want to hear what’s bugging your brain. Being a diverse group of writers, hopefully one or more of us will be qualified to give you solid (if not sometimes comedic) advice.

We know why you can’t hold the limes

Please write in questions to shacksadvocate@gmail.com and begin your subject with “Advice” and a brief description (a couple words) about your problem, then go into more detail in the body. We will always keep your information anonymous, never send you spam, and will notify you when your question is answered and posted! We will try and post answers every week, depending on frequency of questions.

Don’t worry kittens stuck in chairs, we’ve got your back

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