Top 10 Laziest Things I Have Done In Recent Memory

In an effort to understand how blog posts work, I have created this list of the laziest things I have done this past month-ish:

  1. I needed bagged coffee at home, but I didn’t want to walk through a grocery store so I went to Starbucks drive-thru, where the barista had to list and describe every type of bagged coffee  they had in the store and grind it for me

strbuck drivethruI felt a tiny bit bad about it – I’m sorry barista

2. I wanted to watch a show on demand on my TV, but the remote was on the other couch so I just watched it on Youtube on my phone

IMG_3540Remote, 1 million miles away basically

3. I needed to wire my fireplace grate closed so the cat didn’t get inside. I put cardboard and this drawing of a fireplace over it instead

IMG_3539So warm and cozy for winter

4. I needed to do laundry so I put it in the washer. When it was done, I noticed other clothes already dried, still sitting in the dryer. Instead of taking them out, I just put my clothes in on top of the other load and ran the dryer super full

weird laundry picThis is the best stock photo of “messy laundry” by far

5. I received a 2015 calendar for Christmas. It just got hung on the wall. In August.

IMG_3541Although it’s October 1st, the calendar is still showing August now

6. I was asked to clean our 3rd floor deck. Instead of a dustpan, I just swept screws, broken glass etc. off the deck and into the parking lot. I gathered the trash in a bag and threw it vaguely at a dumpster. There was no dumpster

garbage manDisgruntled trash collector of my apt. complex, probably

7. Every day this week, my lunch at work was pasta eaten directly out of a baggie, because my bowl and fork were on the other side of the room.

I don’t have a picture of that

8. I finished a bowl of guac, but didn’t want to rinse the remaining guac out before putting it in the dishwasher. I just put it in the freezer instead

FullSizeRenderOne month later, it’s still fine!!

9. I wrote a top 10 list, only included 9 items, and then didn’t go back and change the title to reflect that

top 10Sad Trombone sound

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